The Power Behind a Digital Marketing Team

A digital marketing team ensures businesses keep up with today’s competitive market, both creatively and financially. Without a company knowing the trends in digital skills to look modern to appeal to younger audiences (such as Gen Z and Millennials), how will they attract new audiences and grow? Social media has changed marketing. Small businesses are gaining voices and selling their products through apps such as TikTok. Small businesses did not have as high as a chance in being seen before because it was hard to compete with the large corporations. With social media, businesses have more control over the lens of how their audience sees them and their products. Of course, this impacts how people view the company, may allow them to get to know the company more personally than quick commercials ever allowed, and increases their drive to purchase their products.

Social media creates a market that is more competitive than ever; especially because there are so many different platforms that continue to change and expand daily. How are thousands of businesses going to keep up and gain a following? The action of creating an account is not enough on these social media platforms—companies need to establish their voice and inspire audiences to want to take part in their products. This is where a digital marketing team takes away a company’s worry and assures a business is not lost in today’s market.

Creativity is essential for companies to have to showcase their brands and products. They need to be modern while using new techniques to be able to capture audiences. With so many products being consumed daily across so many different social media apps, it is necessary for photos and videos to have a hook to keep their audiences watching instead of scrolling. Stories on platforms like Facebook and Instagram should have a clean-look so that it attracts their audience to want to watch and participate in their content. The text needs to be visible to people, and the contrast of colors should be appealing. Behind digital marketing teams, successful businesses learn the current trends of their market. With the help of digital marketing teams, companies on TikTok adapt the style of their videos—such as creating dancing videos and using viral hashtags and music—to maintain large views. It is a lot like how the company Wendy’s uses Twitter posts and comments to establish a sassy and comedic voice that makes their customers follow them. Seeing this content reminds consumers of the brand and makes them want to buy it. Well-established companies realized that they could market through their brand name, so now they focus more on their voice for consumers to want to make purchases. Social media is all about voice, and people need the personal sides of companies in the market today to want to buy from them.

Looking at the financial side of digital marketing, more and more consumers want to make purchases online rather than in-store. Websites like Amazon owe their success to the spaces they create; which makes buying online easy. Virtual shopping makes viewing products easy, and customers can share through pictures and videos their experiences with the product. Purchasing is as easy as clicking a button. According to the graph below, Argos is one of the many companies to discover the growing trend of consumers who prefer to make their purchases online. In 2018, over 59% of purchases were influenced by online pages or information.

This percentage continues to climb every year, especially in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic has influenced the wants and needs of consumers looking to purchase online. Online purchases limit contact with others and eliminate the need for going outside the comforts of one’s home. People expect consumers to want to buy products online because of how much time it saves and how simple it is. Businesses that do not maintain an online market will decline in sales; those who adapt will have well-established online markets.

Digital marketing teams are essential in today’s online climate for companies to grow their audience. Companies need their online presence and voice to be established for consumers to know them, and their products easy to locate and purchase. From countless social media platforms and businesses from across the world, competitiveness increases in the market. Companies need to use digital marketing teams to stand out, establish their voice and online presence, and adapt to the changing times so they will succeed.

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